List Of Proposal Ideas

  1. 29 Buy a build-a-bear and record it's voice saying 'Will you marry me'
  2. 27 Arrange with a cinema to show a clip you made which asks your girlfriend to marry you before the film starts
  3. 23 Book a surprise holiday and don't tell her where it is. Proprose while on the holiday.
  4. 17 Go to a nice beach and get down on one knee
  5. 15 Make a treasure hunt, saving the engagement ring until the end and find it together
  6. 14 Cover the house in red petals so she sees it when she walks in the front door
  7. 12 Ask on a summer evening whilst looking at the stars in the night sky
  8. 11 Go out for a meal and put the engagement ring in her wine glass when she's not looking
  9. 11 Go for a romantic weekend away and propose when it's just the two of you
  10. 11 Make a 'home movie' all about her. Go round to relatives and friends and record a short clip from each of them with things they like about her, and then at the end say what you like about her and propose. Play her this video once complete!
  11. 10 If you have a child or children, have them wear a t-shirt that says, "Will You Marry My Dad?"
  12. 10 Propose on a boat on a romantic sunset cruise
  13. 8 Make a 'message in a bottle' and place it on the beach, then walk down that beach together and point out the bottle which pops the question
  14. 7 Propose at the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris
  15. 7 Ask at the top of a mountain
  16. 7 Go for a romantic walk and propose whilst looking over a beautiful area or scenery
  17. 6 Propose whilst on a rollercoaster at a theme park
  18. 6 Write 'Will you marry me' on the steam from the shower in the bathroom
  19. 6 Run her a bubble bath and decorate around it with scented candles and low lights and ask when she is in it
  20. 6 Play a game of Hangman with the phrase as 'Will You Marry Me'
  21. 5 Book a champagne hot air balloon ride and propose on the flight
  22. 5 Cook a nice dinner and propose
  23. 5 Make the fridge magnets say 'Will you marry me'
  24. 5 Purchase a copy of the "Marriage for Dummies" book. Put it in an obvious place for her to see and tell her you don't know where it came from. Hopefully she'll flip through the book and discover your proposal which will be written in the centre with a red marker. Warning - she will need a good sense of humour for you to pull this one off!
  25. 4 Write 'Will you marry me?' on the ceiling of your/her bedroom so she sees it at night or in the morning
  26. 4 Do a 'lovers leap' tandem bungee jump with her and pop the question on your way down
  27. 4 Book a trip on the London Eye and propose when you get to the top
  28. 4 Book for a plane to carry the message around in the sky for you
  29. 4 Ask her whilst your cuddled up in the cold next to a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night
  30. 4 Put proposal banners and posters up on her way to work and possibly try and beat her there to propose when she arrives
  31. 4 Write her a poem
  32. 4 Make 'Will you marry me' her screensaver on her computer
  33. 4 Ask in an e-mail
  34. 4 Leave cards as a scavanger hunt sending her to places that will give her clues and another card last one leading to somewhere she finds romantic and propose there
  35. 4 Using her favorite shade of lipstick write your proposal on the bathroom mirror. Add a checkbox for yes or no.
  36. 4 Put posters up all around your neighborhood saying 'Marry me [Insert Name]' and go for a drive together so she see them
  37. 4 Make a clever video proposal. Use slideshow images of your favorite photos as a couple.
  38. 3 Propose when she gets in from work
  39. 3 Propose as you fall doing a bungee jump whilst she watches
  40. 3 Write it on a piece of paper and put it in her handbag. Make sure you are with her when she finds it though!
  41. 3 Take her for a spa day and ask while she is getting pampered
  42. 3 Go scuba diving and ask under the sea
  43. 3 Go on a driving experience day and ask whilst driving round the track
  44. 3 Make her a meal with spaghetti letters and arrange some to say 'Marry me'
  45. 3 Go to her place of work with a bunch of flowers and propose in front of everyone
  46. 3 Propose on Twitter or Facebook for the world to see
  47. 3 Set up a romantic website with an engagement proposal for your partner to see
  48. 3 Use your artistic abilities and draw your proposal with chalk on a walkway
  49. 3 Have a romantic meal and place the engagement ring in her champagne flute while she's not looking.
  50. 3 Propose at Easter and slip it in an egg when she isn't looking
  51. 3 Propose with 'The Book Of Everyone'. It's a unique personalised book about your loved one's life.
  52. 3 If you both, or at least her are into horseback riding, plan a trail ride and have a picnic, and propose whilst enjoying your meal.
  53. 2 Do a skydive whilst getting married
  54. 2 Bring her a cup of tea first thing in the morning and propose.
  55. 2 Request that it is announced at a stadium watching a big game
  56. 2 Propose on an aeroplane in front of everyone
  57. 2 Make her a CD mix and ask her to marry you between songs
  58. 2 Go to 'London Dungeons' and ask whilst on the moving floor in the Great Fire of London
  59. 2 If you both use Twitter sign up a new account she doesn't know about and try to get the attention of her favourite celebrity and arrange for them to propose on your behalf.
  60. 2 Tell her how you feel during a slow dance at a club or during a ballroom dance event
  61. 2 Have a bespoke one off book illustrated with your journey together including the proposal!
  62. 2 If she horseback rides and has her own horse, use a stencil to paint the words onto her horse's side.
  63. 2 Buy many packets of Lovehearts, arrange some of the 'Marry me' ones at the top of one pack. Offer a sweet and ask them to read it. Offer a second that will also say 'Marry me' and a third and so on until they realise you're proposing
  64. 2 Buy Nandos creamy mash and put the ring in the mash
  65. 2 Have a movie night with some popcorn and place the ring box at the bottom of the popcorn bowl
  66. 1 Send a text message to her phone asking the question whilst you're with her. Have champagne and chocolates at the ready!
  67. 1 Ask for an announcement over the tanoy in a hospital or at a train station
  68. 1 Put an advert in the local paper she reads. If you can, get a picture of yourself in there holding the ring.
  69. 1 Go skiing and after some practice get down to the bottom before her and kneel ready for when she reaches the bottom and then propose.
  70. 1 Hollow out a copy of one of her favourite books and the ring in the hollow with the words "Will you marry me?" on the page.

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