Ways to discreetly find out her wedding ring size

Ways to discreetly find out her wedding ring size

You really only have three options when it comes to picking out a ring for the proposal: 1) the perfect engagement ring you choose for her, 2) a stand-in ring or engagement gift or jewellery you choose until you can shop for the perfect ring together, and 3) a novelty stand-in ring you get from a vending machine toy until you can shop for that perfect ring together. Of those three options only the first requires you to know here ring size, but how do you get that information without giving away the game if you're looking for thet super traditional proposal?

If she’s a ring wearer, check to see if there’s a particular ring she uses for her ring finger on the other hand. Most people’s fingers will be roughly the same size; borrow the ring and ask a jewellers to measure the size. So long as the ring you purchase is adjustable by a size or two in either direction then you can be relatively confident it’s going to fit her.

Alternatively, you can try asking her friends for help. A girl’s best friends can be downright sneaky when there’s a wedding involved, and will often be more than happy to help you determine ring sizes and pick out the perfect choice.

If sneaky is more your thing, wait until she’s asleep and then measure her finger with a piece of string, a headphone lead or a tape measure. Rings are measured in millimetres, so make sure you transfer the length of string properly. If that’s a bit too unscientific, check whether the jewellery store will allow you to borrow a place-holder ring, it’s a great alternative to purchasing two rings. And remember, it’s easier to resize down than up, so always buy a bigger size.

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