Proposing on a leap year

Proposing on a leap year

February 29th only comes around once every four years, and was created solely to account for the discrepancy between a calendar year of 365 days and the actual amount of time it takes for the earth to go around the sun, which is about 365 days and six hours, or thereabouts. For the longesttime, February 29th had no legal standing, and was simply skipped over and ignored, with formal traditions holding no sway. As a result, legend tells us, women decided that for that one day all traditions were invalid and ignored the rules of society that dictated women couldn’t propose to their beaus.

Nowadays, with the rules of dating and marriage being far more relaxed, it’s not uncommon for women to propose on any day of the year. But tradition still states that February 29th is the designated day for it, and most women will use the excuse if they’re still waiting when the Leap Year rolls around.

While most women would prefer their partner propose to them, if you’re wanting to ask your partner, rather than wait for him to get proactive, using the Leap Year as an excuse can help boost your confidence. The biggest obstacle most people, men and women alike, find to proposing is a simple lack of confidence. Having your very own special day for just this occasion can be a wonderful kick-start, and with a little preparation you could be heading down the Mr & Mrs road before you know it!

If you’re going to propose, don’t over practise; it could take out all the spontaneity and emotion from your proposal and leave the moment feeling a little flat. Build your confidence through empowerment, not alcohol, you want to be clear, articulate and – most of all – remember the answer! No one wants a drunken marriage proposal to muddy the waters over its validity. Consider your technique, women love big romantic gestures, but your man may not. There’s no need to get down on one knee or give him a heart attack with a large, over-the-top proposal, unless your partner is the kind of man who would appreciate it.

Men should beware refusing a marriage proposal on February 29th, depending on your location you could be required to compensate your poor lady with 12 pairs of gloves, the bill for enough fabric for a skirt, or a pair of leather gloves, a single rose, a silk dress and a kiss! Refuse your ladywith care!

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